The Aaron Golub Story

Golub, Aaron

As you saw several days ago, Rubio Long Snapper Aaron Golub (MA, ’14) committed to Tulane as a preferred walk-on. You might have saw the post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and thought “just another one of Rubio’s guys that is going to college, no big deal.” You would have been wrong, beyond extremely wrong.

What you most likely don’t know is that Aaron has NO vision in his right eye and very limited vision in his left. He is legally blind.

He is legally blind and he is headed to college to play football!

Golub started with Rubio Long Snapping in July of 2012. I was contacted prior to the camp by his father, Bob, and was told of the situation. I said it would not be a problem, I would always have someone catch the ball for him and, if he so desired, even he could come out and be right next to Golub if he so desired.

The first camp for Aaron was not the finest showing I have ever seen from a first timer. Ok, I am being nice….he was bad, real bad. (please view below)

But, the best part about Aaron, and his father, was that they were both like sponges. They soaked every single thing I said up and were planning on putting it to good use. They obviously did and did it well. They even came to camp with a pair of modified glasses/goggles that Aaron carries with him to show people exactly how normally sees. It is amazing . For reference, close one eye and then make a fist with a hole that size of a dime and put the opening to your eye…that is Aaron’s continuous view.

Aaron never got frustrated and never gave up. He shot me text after text, clip after clip, asking which stance looked better, how his form was coming along, what else did he need to work on. The good had drive and wouldn’t stop until he reached his goal and, most likely, silenced the countless people that told him he wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted because of his “disability.”

They were all proven wrong and he was right. (please view below)

This journey is not over for Aaron and he still has a lot to prove and I know he can do it. Huge embrace to Aaron as he has turned himself into a D1 Rubio Long Snapper in less than two years. I am very impressed with and proud of him.

So, you still have an excuse why you can’t do it?