Rubio Long Snapping Halloween Contest


Since it always seems to happen anyways, I thought it would be nice to have an official Rubio Long Snapping Halloween Contest! It will be real simple, the best Rubio Long Snapping themed pumpkin and/or costume wins a Rubio Long Snapping shirt and hat! WHO: Any Long Snapper that wants to enter. Age doesn’t matter

What are you looking forward to most at VEGAS XXV?


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8 Things Every Parent Can do to Help with Recruiting


Follow these easy steps to make your son and/or daughter a more recruitable athlete…   Do NOT overstep your bounds. If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times….the coach will be recruiting your son and/or daughter, NOT you. Be very supportive of your son and/or daughter. I know they are

Enough is enough, let’s vote on it!


Sailer and I have this argument all of the time, so you guys might as well get involved.

Lewiston Tribune Article on RUBIO

This article was featured in the Lewiston Tribune on October 3, 2014.   Documenting the life of a long-snapping coach isn’t the way most filmmakers opt to begin their career. But Tanner Gibas knew Chris Rubio’s story couldn’t go untold. A Lewiston resident, Rubio is known as the nation’s leading guru for high-schoolers hoping to

MAJOR Positive Vibes Needed for Rubio Long Snapper Gabriel Miller


For the past couple of weeks, I have been communicating back and forth with Rubio Long Snapper Gabriel Miller of Nebraska and his mother. Gabe tweaked his back prior to season and was having some issues. I honestly thought it would pass with some good rest, it didn’t. This morning, Miller is having major back

How to Get an Unofficial Recruiting Trip


Ask. Seriously, that is all you have to do . Call the football office (THE PLAYER CALLS) and say the following when they answer… “Hi, my name is ___________ and I am a Rubio Long Snapper in the class of ____. (if you want to brag about your ranking, here is where you would do

Recap Article and Rankings from the NY Fall Camp


The rankings are completed for ALL  Long Snappers that participated in the Rubio Long Fall Summer Camp in NY. Always good to be back in the northeast and this time didn’t disappoint as Long Snappers came out from NY, NJ, MA, OH, NC, PA, CT & CANADA. The NY fall camp was dominated by several Long

Is Your Son Ready for a Rubio Long Snapping Camp?


“Rubio, I’m nervous my son is not ready for your camp since he is just starting out” “Rubio, all your camps have a ton of great Long Snappers and I don’t know if my son will be able to handle it” “Rubio, how do I know if my son is ready for your camps?” “Rubio,

Happy Birthday Macaw!

Who is Macaw? Macaw is my grandmother and today she is turning 97 years old and I just had to give her a shoutout as she is a true legend……and one of the meanest people you will ever meet:) This is from the first blog I wrote about my family (obviously three years ago)… Macaw – My